July 14, 2005

At war with the mailman

I am now at war with the mailman.

You see.. I don't like to get newspapers to my house. I don't like junk mail, advertisements, etc. Infact, I don't even particularly care for handwritten letters much.
When I moved into the apartment where I currently live (last September), I immediately began receiving the newspaper "Frettabladid", against my will. To my disgust, the newspaper boy would for some reason stuff my mailbox with not one, but with two or three copies of the paper. I honestly have no idea why he thought I would need several copies of the same paper.
I placed a note on my mailbox saying "No 'Frettabladid' and no junkmail please". It worked. Until a few weeks ago.. You see, there is a new 'free paper' in town, simply called 'Bladid', meaning 'The Paper'. This pitiful excuse for a newspaper is certainly not something I would like to waste my time reading, even if I were into anything other than online news. The fact that I mostly boycott Icelandic news, and don't like to have them rubbed up against my face, are another issue.
So anyway, 'Bladid' is apparently delivered by the mailman himself, and my note asking for 'no Frettablad and no junkmail' did not seem to be enough. After a few weeks of taking 'Bladid' straight from the mailbox to the trashbin outside the house where I live, I decided to place a new note on my mailbox:
"No papers at all, and no junkmail please".
My neighbor saw me attaching the new note to the mailbox and asked what I was doing, and told me I could be sure to get 'Bladid' again the next day. And what do you know? When I got home from work at around 22:30 pm, I saw that annoying waste of paper sticking out of my mailbox once again. I wrote a new note, in my favorite color, red. I placed it on the mailbox, in the way that the mailman will need to remove it to put mail in, so he can't possibly miss it:


This means war...

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Gather them up, along with other junk mail and recycle all of it into a suitable receptical, say a convenient mailbox. Get enough people to do it and the costs will exceed the PO's income.
Just remeber to remove any address labels pointing to you.

Also if there is any junk mail with a stamped return envelope, return it, empty, or overloaded, as you wish.

Have some malicious fun.

Posted by: Harry at July 14, 2005 12:58 AM Permalink

LOL! What an incompetant boob that mailman is!

You should just get a dog to bark at him if all else fails. That should do the trick! ;)


Posted by: RedTigress at July 14, 2005 07:41 PM Permalink