April 18, 2006

17/04 bomb

Yesterday's massacre in pictures.

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April 06, 2006

Just so you know it, this is not really a politically correct post

What a tremendously absurd website, devoted entirely to "protesting the way the prophet Mohammed was insulted in Danish media". It even has an absurd name, "Ya' Mohammed".
As a person living in a country that has very close relations with Denmark, and as someone that has visited Denmark probably around 30 times, I've always found it to be pretty much the most uninteresting place on earth. After this deal with the moslems having a cow about the cartoons in Jyllands Posten, I must say that Denmark has suddenly become a little cooler in my mind. Ya know, they're kind of like rebels. Ya' Denmark ;). Another positive thing about Denmark is the fact that they have an utterly charming, pro-Israel prime minister.

Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist of the highly controversial drawings (yes, I'm being sarcastic by using the word 'controversial'), said he had no regrets about what he had done. At first, that is. After a few thousand death threats I guess he changed his mind, cause he's now planning to help the Iranians draw a series of cartoons about the holocaust. Doesn't that sound like a laugh?
One finds it difficult to understand why moslems demand the entire world to respect their culture, when they don't give a damn about anybody else's.

Anyway, I hope a moslem or two stumble into this page and find this picture offensive:


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Drug money ending up at Al Qaeda?

Well this is pretty creepy. As if there weren't reason enough to stay away from heroin already! I saw this one over at Smooth Stone.

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March 30, 2006

The Islamic Apes of Wrath

I just could not resist pointing out this priceless photo of the "Palestinian cabinet members". A picture is worth more than a thousand words, indeed, let alone two pictures!


What immediately caught my attention was the striking resemblance between the refined, dressed up, distinguished mass murderers.. ehrm politicians... and these dudes here:


"The Apes of Wrath"
Man that's some funny shit! I didn't make that up, honestly, it was the title of the photo. I confess though, that I feel that it goes much better with the image above...

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March 09, 2006

Female beauty (aka 'freakshow')

No wonder we women are all striving to be as thin as models (or as close as possible) all the time. Models are the clearly the manifestation of female beauty.

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March 08, 2006

50.000 a day!

Unbelievable! Every person should take a couple of minutes to read this.

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February 28, 2006


I couldn't resist posting the breathtaking photos Orly took of the "Wildlife of the Hula Walley." Absolutely amazing and highly recommended.
She had this to say about the images:

Cranes and Other Residents of Lake Agmon - Hula Valley

The Hula Valley in Northern Israel is a major stopping point for 500,000,000 birds of 390 species migrating between Eurasia and Africa. In winter the valley is home to tens of thousands of cranes. The photos have been taken with a Canon S2 IS.


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February 24, 2006

Anti-semitism in France, and my trip to Paris

To think I was just in Paris last month, along my boyfriend Shlomi, a Jew. We be both absolutely loved the place. The city was beautiful, even most of the slums had their own "French charm". We loved the food (except for the tremendous emphasis the French put on pork and seafood). We were both prepared to have to deal with rude people with prejudice views and attitude problems, but instead we did not encounter anything but helpful, friendly people. Infact, it almost felt like a slap in the face to shop at the duty free in Iceland when we were coming back. The empty stares the cashier gave, and the dry tone of voice in which he spoke to me, gave me an authentic feeling of being back in Iceland!

While we were in France, we did not notice any any anti-semitic behavior. People responded positively to Shlomi explaining that he is an Israeli. We visited the "Jewish Museum" in Paris. It was certainly not as packed as the Louvre, but it had several visitors, nevertheless, and some interesting material on display, with information in many languages, including Hebrew.
But I suppose that our touring of Paris did not really tell the whole story. The young man who sat next to us on the plane back to Iceland (a French exchange student in Iceland), said that he is ashamed of the fact that racism is growing in France, but it is a fact that he cannot deny is happening. Stories like these, of Jews getting tortured to death in Paris, simply for being Jews, most certainly makes it even more of a reality.

An old photo of the "Latin Quarter", where we stayed in Paris

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February 16, 2006

Sorry for the very long break

"So you've stopped writing on your website, now that you're 'practically married'?", she asked me?
I am not married of course, I am not even engaged. But she did have a point. I wouldn't call it "the poet needs the pain", exactly. I tend to be the kind of person that "requires mediocre circumstances for writing". Or have up until now, at least. It sounds crazy, but happiness is actually, just like everything else, a thing one needs to get used to.
It is also true that once a blogger, always a blogger. Eventhough I haven't blogged in all this time, I've still continued writing imaginary posts in my head! (I also sometimes keep up imaginary conversations with my favorite niece, and occasionally with my mother. But I guess nobody wanted to know that..).

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December 14, 2005

Oy vey

Hmm. Let's move Iran (and Egypt, Syria as well as several other countries).. to the moon! The Gulf States with its oil can stay, but the inhabitants gotta follow their Persian friends.

Well if others can fantasise, then why can't I?

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December 13, 2005

May these bastards drop dead!

I knew these were a bunch of anti-semitic, Arab loving scum. But I thought they might want to be a little more passive about it.

Israel wiped off map in U.N. event

Map of Israel from which all communities were wiped off displayed at official U.N. event to mark solidarity with Palestinians. Organization's Secretary General Kofi Annan attended ceremony, calls incident 'regretful'

Palestinian propaganda in the United Nations? The Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, who recently attended an official public event at the organization's headquarters two weeks ago, was unaware of the fact that he was taking part in a propaganda campaign against Israel, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Tuesday.

The ceremony was held on November 29 this year, to mark the historic date in which the U.N. General Assembly in 1947 voted in favor of a resolution that adopted the plan for the partition of Palestine.

Over the years, November 29 became a day of "solidarity with the Palestinian people" in the U.N., in which anti-Israeli events take place.

The particular event in question was organized by the Palestinian delegation in the U.N. and the Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Nasser al-Kidwa, and hosted all of the organization's high ranking officials.

During preparations for the event, the flags of the U.N. and Palestine were placed on the central stage, and a map depicting the territory of Israel was hung on the wall behind it.

However, the map was titled 'Palestine' instead of 'Israel', and all Israeli communities have been curiously erased from it.

In a related story: The madness of Iran

I'm sorry to say so but I'm scared to death. I'm scared to sit and watch the world on the verge of repeating its worst mistakes.
Well what can I do except hold on to hope, and.. get back to my exam studies.

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December 05, 2005

A fresh perspective, and the lights of the Jews

I am somebody, who never gets very (if at all) excited about Christmas. Infact, I always wait anxiously for this holiday to be over.
Here in Iceland, Christmas preparations begin as early as in October or November. This means that early December (aka right now), our society is literally swimming in Christmas, eventhough it's almost 3 weeks away.
I must admit, that eventhough I dislike this holiday to the extent that it practically begins to resemble an allergic reaction, my experience this year has been completely different. The reason is not that I've acquired a sudden love for Christmas, but that I have been seeing all the preparations and customs through the eyes of somebody unfamiliar with the process, somebody seeing it all for the first time, and finding it all to be a spectacular cultural experience, as opposed to something that's simply always been done. I am, of course, referring to my boyfriend, Shlomi, who has always celebrated Jewish holidays in his native Israel. His questions, fascination and interest in what I've always found to be banal, gives me a fresh perspective on things I've always looked upon.
An example of something that really blew Shlomi's mind, was the fact that pretty much every single household in Scandinavia (at least Iceland) puts a so called "advent light" in their window in December. Everybody knows that the custom was taken from Jewish tradition, and the light also goes by the name "Jew light" (Gyðingaljós).

Advent light ("Light of Jews")

The story of the lights arriving to Iceland, is as follows (in a nutshell):

An Icelandic business man called Gunnar Ásgeirsson traveled to Sweden in 1964, where he purchased these lights. They were brandnew in Sweden, and had been based on the idea of the Jewish Hanukkah lights. After Gunnar brought it back to Iceland with it, it became a great success in Iceland, but didn't gain popularity in Sweden until 1980.
The lights have received much attention from foreigners, who have often asked if Judaism is of great importance in Iceland.

Interestingly enough, the article also mentions that the man, Gunnar, comes from the same small fishing village in the West Fjords as my mother, Ingibjorg. For curiosity's sake I looked him up in the "Book of Icelanders" (an online program that enables Icelanders to check how they are related to one another). And what do you know? The man who brought the "lights of the Jews" to this remote piece of ice & fire, was my mother's cousin.

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Death of the innocent, again

A day of terror, once again. Homicide bombing in Netanya

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November 16, 2005

Shalom :)

I feel terribly ashamed for not having written, especially when I see that people are actually still visiting this website. I always mean to blog (once a blogger, always a blogger), but ...
So anyway, I just came back from the most amazing trip to Israel. The only thing I regret is the fact that I didn't have nearly enough time to do even half of the things I would have wanted to do, or to meet all the people I would have wanted to meet. I spent considerable amounts of time trying to fit coffee with David & Orly into the schedual, but I ended up barely having time for drinking coffee myself! The good news is, that I will be going back to Israel next summer, for (what I hope) will be a slightly longer trip. So who knows what will happen then.
This trip was crazy, busy, and planned from morning to evening. I travelled all over to meet Shlomi's relatives, went to a big Jewish wedding (and had a great time), went to Tzfat, Jerusalem, etc. A bunch of crazy little things happened, which would take far too long to explain. Instead, I've uploaded some photos from my trip, and hope you'll all take a look.

Photos from Israel - November 2005


I'll try write again soon. In the meantime, I've missed by blogreaders. How is everybody doing? David, David, David, Orly, Torbjörn, Kantor, Jeffrey, Alice, Lisa, JP, Max, Reb Lazer (naturally), and the lovely Miri?

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November 03, 2005


Just a funny photo I received from my gorgeous and intelligent friend Una.

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